Janx Training is a high ticket client acquisition - and personal life mastery training firm with 14 years of cutting- edge experience
founded by Aaron "Janx" Ernst

Our Programs are divided into two categories:

We help client- based businesses gain clarity around their digital presence, what type of systems they need to start growing their business, and how to leverage Social Media to get their message out to the world, so they make a greater impact. 

We also work with highly ambitious individuals that want to achieve their highest potential and get great results in areas of their life that are not where they want them to be. We use cutting-edge tools and strategies to help them in their Goal Setting and Personal Life Mastery so they can become their best and live their best life .

Here at Janx Training, we focus on cutting- edge influence techniques, acquired through years of studying Neuropsychology, as well as Social Psychology. We are committed to helping every person or organization achieve great results in the shortest amount of time possible.
"I closed my first call after 5 days after joining Aaron's program. In the past I had spent  9k in a program that never helped me get one client.  Ever since then I have made over 9k in 2 weeks.  "

If a single mom like me can do it so can you. 
"Aaron's method work plain and simple. I was having trouble framing and closing my calls but after I spoke with Aaron that change and I was able to book my last two calls effortlessly, and quit my job."

Get out of your comfort zone and do it.
"I was begging people to buy my real estate program for $297. After I joined Aaron's program I raised my price to $2,500, then $3,500. Now I just closed a $7,500 client for my 12 week program. I was able to make 12k in 2 weeks!"  
I wouldn't have done it without Aaron.
"I don't like sales. I was intimidated by it before. I wouldn't close sales and if I did it was would be way under what I should be charging. After using Aaron's method after only 3 weeks I closed a 13k sale!"
"To Influence Influencers on a global scale while teaching to never settle for anything that is less than their very best."
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