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*(We have solutions that range between $2,500-$100,000)*
"12k in PROFIT my FIRST 2 weeks!" 
"I was begging people to buy my real estate program for $297. After I joined Aaron's program I raised my price to $2,500, then $3,500. Now I just closed a $7,500 client for my 12 week program. I was able to make 12k in 2 weeks!" 
Real Estate Investing Trainer
Video Marketing Consultant 
"13k Profit in FIRST three weeks!"
"I don't like sales. I was intimidated by it before. I wouldn't close sales and if I did it was would be way under what I should be charging. After using Aaron's method after only 3 weeks I closed a 13k sale!"
"9k in PROFIT In my FIRST two weeks!"
"I closed my first call after 5 days after joining Aaron's program. In the past I had spent 9k in a program that never helped me get one client. Ever since then I have made over 9k in 2 weeks. "
Health Coach
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