Client Acquisition Training is a course designed to teach students how to organically acquire clients without spending money on ads, marketing or sales funnels. This means that you will have the tools to go out and acquire the clients you want, regardless of what phase you are at in your business.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy, have your website all finished and every single detail of your program figured out before you start making money and helping people.

This program will show you how to follow a clear, solid, tried and tested process to build your business organically and rapidly yet rooted in timeless principles. This training works fantastic for Consultants and Coaches. 

Our program is about acquiring a skill set you'll put to work - and not about any form of getting rich quick or wealth building.
Entreprenurs We've Helped
  Health Coach
“The process works. It works every time. And it changed my life.”

After spending thousands of $$ on a program and not getting a single client from it, this health coach joined CAT and made her first deal after only 5 days of being in the program.

She's is a single mom who was homeless, living with friends and confused on how to actually make her health coaching business work after having spent thousand of dollars on programs that didn’t work for her. She joined CAT and immediately started closing deals to her program which has enabled her to start a new life and even move her entire family to a new country. She thanks Aaron and his program for helping her take the ‘guess’ work out of the business, giving her a blueprint to client acquisition and overcoming mental blocks.
This health coach is currently closing a deal per week which qualifies her as a six figure earner.

Video Marketing 
“Just follow the process to get the results you’re looking for in your business.”

“I am completely booked up right now….It’s not a fluke, it’s not just one of those things that happens once. I’ve done it repeatedly.” 
This video consultant helps entrepreneurs and business owners produce high quality videos for themselves and teaches them how to market these videos. He loves helping people and talks about how his business changed when he started the program and realized that what he has to offer is the prize. Shortly after joining the program he closed the biggest deal in his life because he just followed the process, and has kept closing even bigger deals since. 
Life Purpose Coach
Brand Coach
“I know that if I wake up and need a client today, I can go out and get one.
I now know how to sell.”
This coach went from spending thousands on other coaches without getting results to finally getting clear
on her niche and making sales.

This coach didn’t immediately take off in the program. She started off struggling with confidence, having to change her niche several times, and getting out there, but she did’t give up. She learned how to structure her program, price it properly and how to position herself in the right way to begin getting clients to join her program. Now she is getting ready to quit her well paying job in order to be a Branding Coach full-time. 
Real Estate Investing Coach
“I was begging people to buy my program for $297, and struggling. Now, I raised my prices to $2500 and made ten thousand dollars in just two weeks.”

This coach went from making $0 to $18,000 in less than six weeks.
This coach went from making no sales in her coaching business to double digits in a matter of a couple weeks. She credits it to following the process of learning how to prospect, getting leads and making sales.

Business Owner
"We started implementing Aaron's techniques and increased our sales by 500%
in a matter of months."

Life Purpose Coach

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